Upleaf Technology Solutions Inc. is a consulting firm based in the Denver, Colorado metro area, dedicated to growing organizations through strategic online communication and creative technology solutions.

We design integrated systems and online strategies to help our clients meet and surpass their objectives.

Upleaf was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009, and has been building websites and customizing CRM systems ever since. Once we have built out an online system following a carefully crafted strategy, we train and empower our clients so that they can successfully implement and monitor their online strategy.

Strategy First

Every project we implement begins with an in-depth strategy planning session to map out:

  • Organizational goals
  • Online strategy objectives
  • Target audiences
  • Desired action taken
  • Data collection and reporting needs
  • Team talents and assets
  • Core values to convey
  • Desired look & feel of new website

We also look at how the client’s different platforms will fit together, to ensure that any new system is built to support social media, email marketing, website communication, CRM and other components of the online strategy.

Technology Second

After we’ve understood an organization’s needs, we define the technologies that are best suited to the project and can provide the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Each content management system (CMS) and each constituent relationship management (CRM) system has its strengths – some are better suited to certain projects than others.

Project Coordination

Every effective website or CRM system is the fruit of close collaboration between the web developer/designer and the client. Upleaf drives the design and development process, and we maintain close communication with our clients along the way. Here’s how:

  1. We use an online project management system to coordinate deliverables, milestones and track all project-related communications.
  2. We use online meeting and webinar tools to meet, collaborate and train our clients – enabling us to work effectively with organizations across the country.
  3. Every project includes a testing phase to thoroughly test the new system, followed by training, launch and a 15 or 30-day trial period during which we provide additional system tweaks or retraining at no cost.