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Upleaf is located in the Denver metropolitan area and we serve nonprofit clients across the U.S. and beyond. 

Interested in Exploring a Project?  Let's Talk.

The first step is to make sure we really understand your organization. We know that each nonprofit has a unique angle, personality and mission, and clearly understanding your niche is a big part of making sure we get your strategy right.

We'll ask for an hour-long meeting with your team in person, by phone, or via online meeting, so that we can conceptualize your strategy. (No cost to you of course - we're just trying to understand your project).

During the meeting we'll talk through:

  • Your mission
  • Vision for the future
  • Target audiences
  • Key programs
  • Current technologies
  • Human resource assets
  • Visual assets
  • Expected outcomes

Once we’re acquainted, we'll draw on our team's expertise to propose a cost-effective, tailor-made strategy designed to get results.  You'll receive a detailed written proposal with a timeline and fixed-price quote, so you can budget appropriately.

If the proposal and price work for you, we're on our way.

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