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350.org is a global grassroots climate movement dedicated to stopping climate change. The group was founded by Bill McKibben, who for years has been raising awareness of the need to drop global carbon dioxide levels below 350 parts per million (ppm) to avoid irreversible damage that could spin the earth's climate out of control.

There is currently more than 400ppm of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

350 has a strong following in North America and across the globe, from Europe to North Africa and the Middle East to the Pacific and Latin America. Currently the group is focusing on keeping carbon in the ground worldwide, building a more equitable low-carbon economy, encouraging divestment from the extractive and fossil fuel industries, and holding world leaders accountable for their climate pledges.

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Constituent Relationship Management Systems

350.org came to Upleaf for help identifying a strong CRM system to manage their fundraising and community organizing strategies. After an in-depth assessment of the organization's global needs, Upleaf recommended CiviCRM (over Salesforce) due to lower implementation costs, ease of use, and a high anticipated number of users.

Upleaf was then hired to customize CiviCRM for the organization's various teams. Upleaf built out custom interfaces for fundraising, community organizing and communications teams, complete with functionality to manage donors, grants, contracts, email marketing, donations, and a large number of local groups.

We cleaned and imported a large number of individual and organizational records, trained the 350 team to use the system, and provided extensive documentation and ongoing support to help 350 make the most of their new CRM system and succeed in their vital mission.