Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

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The State of Colorado’s Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) is dedicated to improving health care access and outcomes for people receiving medical assistance (Medicaid, CHP+, CICP) while demonstrating sound stewardship of financial resources.    

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Their Feedback

Because we are a state department, budget is everything. Upleaf consistently came in on budget and on time. They helped us to leverage the available funding to get the most out of every taxpayer dollar spent – often recommending solutions to reduce project costs at the expense of their own bottom line. That is a refreshing quality sometimes absent in other government project implementations.
Jeff Helm
Healthy Communities Program & Contract Manager

Our Work for this Client

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

HCPF manages a program called "Healthy Communities" which provides case management and outreach services to all 64 Colorado counties, in support of the Medicaid and CHP+ assistance programs. 

Healthy Communities Program

Healthy Communities follows the "life cycle" of a client, which includes obtaining healthcare coverage and ensuring access to coordinated health care services through a Medical Home. The program serves youth under 21 and pregnant women.

There are 25 Healthy Communities teams across the state who help people with program eligibility and the application process, refer them to local health providers, and follow up to make sure they are receiving the preventive care and other services they need.

When Upleaf began working with HCPF, each of the teams was collecting data about their clients in a different way. Some counties used paper-based systems, others used Excel, while others had developed Access databases to manage their clients and reporting. The wide variation in management systems and reporting methods made it difficult to aggregate program data at the state level. 

Not only were Healthy Communities teams spending long hours on monthly reporting, but the data they reported to the state also then needed to be manually aggregated and processed by HCPF before the management team could monitor and understand results.


Upleaf worked closely with HCPF and the local Healthy Communities teams to standardize and map program procedures. We then built an integrated, web-based case and outreach management system on the Salesforce platform that all local teams and the state team now use. This new system was developed in close collaboration with the people who would be using the system, to ensure it met both local team and manager needs as well as the needs of the state-level HCPF team.

Existing data was reformatted and migrated to the new system. We leveraged Salesforce's Chatter and Answers collaboration tools to improve communication between teams and the state. Finally we built an online training manual including step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to improve new users training.  


Local teams can now provide better service and follow up with the families they serve. They can also collaborate more easily with other teams and with the state.

HCPF now has more accurate and reliable data than ever, accessible in real-time through the system. They enjoy greater ease in identifying trends and interpreting reports. Teams across the state no longer have to spend hours creating monthly reports - their results are now accessible at the State level whenever necessary. Referrals are also easier to make, as all providers are in the system. 

Upleaf and HCPF continue to collaborate to improve health outcomes across the state by adding new features and data integrations that further enhance the capacity of the local teams to better assist the families they serve. 

Monitoring & Optimization

In 2015 Upleaf conducted an evaluation of HCPF's Healthy Communities program with the goal of offering recommendations to help increase EPSDT (Early, Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment) outcomes among children in Colorado who receive Medicaid and CHP+ benefits.

There were multiple components to the evaluation, including:

  • Mapping of EPSDT outcomes by county
  • Client survey, administered by phone to more than 1300 Medicaid and CHP+ parents
  • Online survey of Healthy Communities Family Health Coordinators
  • In-depth interviews with Family Health Coordinators
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Background research / literature review

After reviewing each of these components Upleaf made a series of recommendations to improve the Healthy Communities program outcomes, and boost EPSDT. A copy of the final report can be found on the HCPF website: