Colorado Nonprofit Association

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Colorado Nonprofit Association is a membership organization dedicated to helping nonprofits in Colorado strengthen their capacity and improve quality of life across the state.

For more than 30 years, the Association has provided leadership to nonprofit organizations in the areas of policy, principles and practices, training and education, and served as the collective voice of Colorado’s nonprofit sector.

Colorado Nonprofit Association's goal is to help Colorado build the most effective, vibrant and innovative nonprofit community possible, thereby improving life for all Coloradans.

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

Colorado Nonprofit Association came to Upleaf needing a complete overhaul of their website and member management system. Page load speeds were excessively long and the website wasn't mobile-friendly, making it difficult for members to register for trainings or update their membership. 

Upleaf worked with the Association to map out their overall member management needs and identify areas where a new online infrastructure could further support member engagement.

The result was a robust website built on Drupal/CiviCRM that now seamlessly handles:

Members can now update their preferences, renew their membership, register for trainings and events, contribute to a community calendar, interact with peers and much more through the new website which now loads in just under a second.

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

Public member directory that pulls dynamically from CiviCRM
Public member directory that pulls dynamically from CiviCRM
  • Public member directory that pulls dynamically from CiviCRM
  • Automated survey send to training participants
  • Petition generated within CiviCRM
  • Email signup form that updates CiviCRM with interests and communication preferences

Upleaf customized CiviCRM to handle almost all areas of operation for Colorado Nonprofit Association including:

  • Member applications and renewals
  • Dynamically updated directories
  • Mailing lists, interests and mass emailing
  • Online registration for trainings & events
  • Petitions
  • Surveys
  • Sponsorship
  • Donations
  • Automated email confirmations, evaluations and workflow triggers
  • Financial reporting

Now the Association manages activities from one centralized system, making it easier to track and engage new and existing members. Staff can see all actions a member has taken, view all communications in one place, and gain insight into levels of commitment of its members and supporters.