Construction Employers Association

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The Construction Employers Association of Cleveland (CEA) is a not-for-profit association of construction companies and unions, and construction-related services and suppliers, serving the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

CEA promotes quality construction and a diverse workforce through professional development programs, mentoring, training workshops and classes, safety excellence, and industry advocacy. 

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Their Feedback

The Upleaf team has been great to work with. From the conceptual design stage to post-launch fine tuning, they were extremely responsive and attentive to our organization's wants and needs. I do not hesitate recommending Upleaf to organizations desiring a modern, custom-fit website and CRM solution.
Tim LInville
Chief Executive Officer

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

Upleaf worked closely with CEA to reorganize their online strategy and build an integrated member management system. We began by revamping their information architecture, editing content for the web, and outlining an effective social media and email marketing strategy.  

One of our primary tasks was constructing a responsive design website, built on Drupal, that would be a cinch for staff to update with the many classes and social activities offered by CEA. Visual appeal, clarity and functionality were the watchwords of the design.

Now embedded videos tell the organization's story. Visitors can apply for membership, renew their membership dues, register for events, vote on polls about the industry, purchase safety items and other resources, all through the website. CEA members are highlighted with scrolling logos across the bottom of the site.

We also created a password-protected section of the site reserved for members only. This section offers access to the latest wage rates, committees, job boards, CEA's member savings program, information about CEA pension plans, and photo galleries from CEA's multiple social events.

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

We then integrated CEA's member management system directly with the website and choreographed it to manage all of the organization's operations. Functionality within the system includes:

Member Management

  • Mass, small group and individual email communications
  • Automated membership renewal reminders
  • Online membership dues
  • Records of classes, events and other activities members participate in
  • Member participation in committees or trade associations
  • Searchable member directory

Classes, Workshops and Events

  • Integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events
  • Easily customizable pages for events and participant tracking
  • Custom fields to track additional participant information (meal preferences, special needs)
  • Event pages that stream to public calendar and/or main gallery
  • Event registration that automatically generates registration confirmation / receipts
  • Embedded Google Maps
  • Event export as iCal files

Donor/Sponsor Management

  • Track and manage contributions from any individual or company
  • Accept online donations or sponsorship payments on the website that create or update contact records on the system

Online Store

  • Online purchase of multiple safety items and other resources
  • Receipt confirmation upon purchase
  • Notification of CEA staff about recent purchases


Before launching the new system, most activities were managed manually. CEA has seen tremendous improvements in website traffic and staff productivity since the new system was launched:

  • Nearly 65% of all financial transactions CEA manages take place through the website
  • 45% of all activity within the CRM is logged by members themselves (self-service)
  • Visits to the CEA website have grown more than 280%

Digital Social Marketing

Upleaf created an email template and trained the CEA team to follow best practices in email marketing for mobile.

CEA now has higher open rates than the industry average. While construction industry email open rates are in the low 20s, CEA's by contrast is in the low 30s. And while average click-through rates for the industry are less than 3%, CEA's are +8%.

Monitoring & Optimization

Upleaf monitors CEA's revenue, web traffic and email marketing, and provides ongoing recommendations and strategy support to help them increase these results.

CEA management receives an automated monthly Google Analytics dashboard report, and Upleaf has also provided a 90 days post-launch report, an 8 month post-launch report, and will soon compile a 2-year milestone report.