Disability Law Colorado

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Disability Law Colorado (DLC) provides legal representation, advocacy, training, information and referrals to people with disabilities and their families.

DLC serves the entire state of Colorado, working to promote systemic change to sustain or improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities and elders. Issues they address include special education, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, long-term care, and much more. 

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Their Feedback

We contacted Upleaf about a new website and rebranding assistance for our organization. We were on a very tight time schedule for the completion of the work. Upleaf not only met our deadlines, but helped us to prioritize the most important aspects of our website to ensure a successful launch. Our website launched on time, is incredibly user-friendly and has gotten a terrific response from our constituents and others in the nonprofit community. We couldn't be happier.
Julie Busby
Development Director

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

Top of Home Page
  • Top of Home Page
  • Online store on home page
  • Issues and calls to action
  • Donations and sponsors view on home page

The new mobile-friendly Disability Law Colorado website offers a wide variety of information and resources for people with disabilities and their families.

First step in the website redesign process was an in-depth strategy session to map out the organization's main objectives, many target audiences, conversion points, available assets, and what DLC could offer to each audience.

The resulting strategy outlined by Upleaf included:

  • Clear definition of core services
  • Description of Issues DLC works on with easy-to-access related resources
  • Success stories, neatly organized and also linked to issues
  • Directory of community services for people with disabilities
  • Migration of existing "Ability Law Blog" into the organization's main site
  • User-friendly online store
  • Multiple donation options & quick online donation form
  • Dedicated space to recognize event sponsors near footer
  • Multiple contact forms for different programs and services
  • Spanish section with information about core services and issues

The new site map and architecture changed drastically from the previous site. Upleaf's content team reorganized old content and edited it for the web, weaving in strategic key words.

Once approved by the DLC team, we quickly built the new site and online store, published content, and migrated 7 years worth of old blog content. From strategy session to website launch took 3.5 months.