Dream Diné

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Dream Diné is an innovative charter school in Shiprock New Mexico, serving elementary students in the Navajo Nation. At Dream Diné, Diné (Navajo) culture, philosophy, language and history are the heart of a community-based, experiential, bilingual (Navajo/English) curriculum.

Community elders and leaders participate in the teaching process and many classes take place out in the community, providing a place- and culture-based context for all learning.

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Our Work for this Client

Web Design

  • Get Involved Section and Footer
  • New Campus page
  • Events Calendar View
  • Learn Navajo Words

The new responsively-designed Dream Diné website communicates the unique vision of the school in a beautiful way. It also celebrates the place and culture of the Shiprock community.

Our first step in the website redesign process was to map out Dream Diné’s online strategy objectives, including their target audiences, desired actions, and communication priorities.

The resulting strategy included:

  • Beautiful, full-screen homepage image, celebrating Dream Diné’s location
  • Prominent "Word of the Week" section inviting visitors to learn Navajo
  • Visually inspiring "What’s Happening" section to share news and updates
  • Events calendar
  • Promotion of Dream Diné email notifications
  • Donation information and pledge form
  • Enrollment information
  • Robust section containing resources for families