FINCA International

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FINCA is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty through innovative financial solutions like microfinance and social enterprise programs that help people improve their lives and transform their communities.

Together with socially responsible partners, FINCA owns and operates a network of microfinance institutions in 23 countries. FINCA's social enterprise programs help deliver renewable energy, safe cooking stoves and clean water to families in need. 

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Their Feedback

Thank you all for the hard work, passion and patience Upleaf put into building all pieces of our new website: From strategic SEO research and rebuild of the content structure, beautiful design and flow, to a solid infrastructure and development optimized with all latest trends and technologies, all customized to our needs.
Anita Yankova
Digital Marketing Manager

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

When Upleaf began working with FINCA, their WordPress website had many custom configurations that didn't perform well on mobile devices, despite the responsive design theme. 

Upleaf worked closely with FINCA's digital marketing team to rethink the overall user experience, what content should be surfaced and where, and how to tell FINCA's story in the most impactful way. We analyzed SEO performance and reworked site content and structure to optimize for high-value keywords and hone FINCA's messaging to better support the organization's fundraising objectives.

The new website theme is fresh and visual, with striking photos and videos throughout. It loads quickly and offers a great experience to mobile visitors, who can now easily explore client stories and country programs.

Monitoring & Optimization

Upleaf began working closely with FINCA in November of 2015 to help sharpen their messaging and boost SEO results. Part of this process included testing core concepts using Facebook ads to understand which messages resonated most with different age and gender groups. The outcomes were insightful, helping guide FINCA's new website messaging and even use of photos across their website and marketing materials.

Upleaf also helped FINCA improve its Google Analytics conversion and donation tracking, to gain more insights into campaign impact and donation trends.