Hispanic Access Foundation

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Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) connects Hispanic families and individuals across the United States to the information and services they need related to health, education, the environment and financial well-being. HAF also mobilizes Hispanics to advocate for the issues that impact them most, and effect change in their communities.

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Their Feedback

We’ve come to see Upleaf as part of our team. We rely on them for strategies and solutions that build visibility and maximize organizational ability. Thanks to Upleaf, our website is not a “brochure” of our organization –its the infrastructure that we depend on to be more effective in reaching our mission. Upleaf has changed how we view the strategic operation and growth of our organization.
Maite Arce
Executive Director

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

When HAF was in its nascent stages, they called upon Upleaf to help build the branding and infrastructure for the organization. Upleaf designed the HAF logo and built the organization's initial website.  As HAF grew and increased their reach across the United States, they began relying more and more on their website to get the word out about new programs and services.

In 2013 Upleaf redesigned the site and added new functionality to better showcase projects and reach Spanish speakers with key program information. The website also houses a searchable national directory of Hispanic-serving providers.

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

HAF develops Spanish-language messages for radio, TV and print media, and implements grassroots workshops and activities across the country. They also offer a toll-free bilingual helpline that Latinos can call to learn about local services and resources.

HAF Program Locations

Most HAF programs are implemented in close partnership with local Catholic and evangelical churches, along with local community-based organizations. They deploy a field team of 30+ people in key Hispanic communities across the country.

To effectively manage their national operations and track deliverables and outcomes, HAF needed a robust CRM system.  

Upleaf customized Salesforce to manage all of their operations. From media placement to helpline calls, to donor reports and beneficiary information - the system was designed to meet all of their data collection and reporting needs.

The field team now collects workshop participant information, takes photos, and organizes workshops using iPads with a simplified interface that connect to the Salesforce system. Staff in Washington DC can then view results in real-time and make decisions accordingly.

Digital Social Marketing

Social Media. Upleaf helped HAF set up their initial social media presence back in 2010, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and provided extensive best practices training to get them started.

Email Marketing. Upleaf also set up Vertical Response within Salesforce for email marketing and trained HAF to use the tool. 

Educational Materials. In addition, Upleaf helped HAF with various projects, including the design of educational materials for a cancer awareness campaign.

Cancer Poster

Google Adwords. Upleaf created a series of Adwords campaigns for HAF in August of 2011, and secured a Google grant for the organization. To date, Adwords has driven more than 100,000 visits to HAF's website educating people about cancer, filing taxes, the environment, and much more. 

This in-kind donation from Google is worth more than $90,000 to date and accounts for roughly 40% of traffic to HAF's site.

Monitoring & Optimization

Upleaf has helped HAF monitor and evaluate their projects in multiple ways. The custom Salesforce CRM system was set up to track key indicators through dashboards and reports. Salesforce also allowed us to record and interpret feedback from beneficiaries thanks to a pre/post workshop survey we helped craft.

Upleaf also designed a 2012 study for HAF to better understand barriers to seeking healthcare services, cancer-related beliefs among program participants, and action taken as a result of in participating in HAF's 5-year, CDC-funded breast and colorectal cancer prevention and screening program.

Sample of 2012 Study Results

Upleaf created the study design and worked with partners including the University of Colorado Denver to conduct phone interviews with program participants using a standardized questionnaire. Upleaf and partnering researchers then analyzed the results from 688 interviews and provided recommendations to HAF to help improve the program design and boost health impact when the program scaled up in 2013.

Upleaf then created a poster presentation about the study results and project for a CDC convention, which won a prize for its visual appeal against hundreds of entries.