Hispanics In Philanthropy

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Hispanics In Philanthropy (HIP) strengthens Latino communities by increasing resources for the Latino and Latin American civil sector, increasing Latino participation and leadership throughout the field of philanthropy, and fostering policy change to enhance equity and inclusiveness.

HIP partners with other foundations to address concerns in Latino communities, and offers grants and capacity building support to Latino-serving nonprofit organizations.

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Our Work for this Client

Web Design

HIP hired Upleaf to build an online Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) tool to help Hispanic-serving organizations assess and then improve their use of data in health-related programs.

The custom-built, bilingual OCA tool includes an online survey for nonprofits, followed by tailored recommendations that display based on the nonprofit's survey score. The recommendations include links to specific resources in an online library that can help organizations better plan, collect and interpret data related to the social determinants of health.