Pueblo StepUp

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Pueblo StepUp's mission is to positively impact the health, well-being and access to healthcare and wellness services for underserved individuals and families in Pueblo, Colorado.  

The organization serves more than 4,000 people each year, including children, pregnant women, families, seniors and disabled individuals who need assistance with their health care or Medicaid benefits. Pueblo StepUp helps people enroll in Medicaid, CHP+ and other benefits, and then follows up with individuals to make sure they receive the care they need to live healthier lives.

Client since: 

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

Upleaf architected a new website with a fresh design that more clearly conveyed Pueblo StepUp's role and impact in the community. Because regular updates like news and health tips are paramount for the website's vitality, we built the site to be as user-friendly as possible. The site was also geared to inform the public about state and federal health care programs that they may be eligible for and how to apply.

For those already enrolled in Medicaid or CHP+, Upleaf created a searchable directory of local health care providers to help easily find health services. The directory pulls provider records from the organization's CRM system, ensuring that the information is always au courant.

In 2014 Upleaf updated the Pueblo StepUp website to a responsive design, and added a new directory of local community services and updated much of the content to reflect changes in Pueblo StepUp's content. We translated key content to Spanish and created a mobile-friendly Spanish section for the website.

We also added a custom section to the website in 2014 to host a community initiative called PuebloGetCovered! with its own branding. By hosting the PuebloGetCovered! website within the broader Pueblo StepUp website, they were able to quickly deploy the new site and save on development and hosting costs.

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

Client Management

Upleaf created a client management system within Salesforce to help Pueblo StepUp manage their county-wide Healthy Communities project, funded by the State of Colorado.  The HIPAA-compliant system helps staff follow up on clients enrolled Medicaid and CHP+ programs to ensure they meet milestones and receive preventive care based on a set of program standards.  

The system allows the Pueblo StepUp team to:

  • Manage individual records and the households they are associated with
  • Schedule follow up calls on specific dates
  • Document referrals to Medicaid and CHP+ providers
  • Track client check-ups and progress
  • Easily manage staff workflow
  • Comply with state reporting requirements

After Pueblo StepUp showcased their custom CRM system for managing the Healthy Communities project, the State of Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing decided to contract Upleaf to build out a similar system for all 63 counties in the State.

Donor Management

Within the same Salesforce package, Upleaf created a custom donor management system to help Pueblo StepUp's development team manage their email messaging, fundraising events and donor relations.  All individual donors are recorded in the system, along with their donation dates and amounts, fundraising activities they have attended, emails received and any other information that can help further strengthen the organization's relationship with those donors.

To ensure the security of all personal health and contact information, Pueblo StepUp staff have restricted system access.  Only development team members can access donor information, and only program staff can access the Health Communities project management system.

Digital Social Marketing

Upleaf integrated Vertical Response with Salesforce so that the Pueblo StepUp development team could easily generate mailing lists, email donors and supporters from within their CRM system, and track results. Team members were trained in best practices for mass emailing and taught how to use their email marketing to build loyalty and increase donor engagement.