United Way - Center for Nonprofit Excellence

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The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) is a project of the United Way of Central New Mexico, dedicated to strengthening the capacity of nonprofit organizations throughout the state.

CNPE offers capacity-building workshops, resources, networking opportunities, and a volunteer board and job center, and ways for the community to make donations of goods and services to nonprofits. The organization also manages a nonprofit directory, grantmaker directory and a directory of nonprofit consultants.

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Their Feedback

Elizabeth and Osvaldo are amazing people to work with – they are smart, creative and excellent communicators. They took the time to learn about our vision, clients, and processes and then took our website to a whole new level. The feedback we have received about the site is outstanding and our nonprofit partners are excited to be more engaged with us online.
Amy Duggan
Executive Director

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

  • Homepage
  • Homepage
  • Homepage
  • Homepage
  • Grantmakers directory
  • volunteer connection database

Upleaf first built a website for CNPE in 2009. In 2011 Upleaf integrated new features to connect volunteers with nonprofit volunteer opportunities across the state, and helped CNPE go "social" by plugging them into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In 2013, Upleaf built a searchable Nonprofit Consultants Directory that allowed consultants to add and edit their own listings.

In 2014, Upleaf redesigned the CNPE site again using responsive design techniques that would optimally parlay to mobile devices. The 2014 redesign integrated the NM Grantmakers Directory directly with the site, and added a new Nonprofit News section where nonprofits can share events, news and other information of interest with the broader community.

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

CNPE Event
CNPE Event

CiviCRM works on the backend of CNPE's website, and is configured to manage event registration. The system makes it easy for CNPE to manage multiple training sessions each month, collect payments, and communicate with attendees.

The CRM system lets CNPE team members see who has registered for a workshop, who has paid, what organization they represent, and what their position is. They can then easily email participants with reminders or follow-up surveys. In addition, they can quickly and easily select groups of people to email based on their position, geographic location, or training participation history.

Digital Social Marketing

Snapshot of Adwords Performance after 6 Months
Snapshot of Adwords Performance after 6 Months

Upleaf helped CNPE get started on social media late in 2011, and redesigned their email template in 2014 to optimize for mobile.  

In October of 2013, Upleaf crafted a series of Google Adwords campaigns for CNPE to highlight the resources and volunteer opportunities section of their website. Within just six months of launching, Adwords had garnered an additional 22,500 visits to the CNPE site worth nearly $30,000.

Two years and a half years after the campaigns were launched, they broke $200,000 worth of in-kind pay-per-click advertising from Google - roughly 90,000 visits to their website.

Monitoring & Optimization

Upleaf set up a custom Google Analytics dashboard for CNPE and automated reports to be sent to managers each month. After launching Google Adwords, Upleaf integrated Adwords and Analytics to get a more in-depth view of what was happening with the website.

Upleaf has periodically prepared reports on strategy results for CNPE to help guide decision-making related to their website and overall online strategy.