Zuni Youth Enrichment Project

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The Zuni Youth Enrichment Project (ZYEP) believes that children are “at promise” instead of “at risk.” ZYEP's mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and self-esteem among Zuni youth living in Western New Mexico on the Zuni Reservation.

ZYEP’s summer, after-school and sports programs are designed to keep youth active and engaged in the natural world around them. They weave cultural lessons and language into the various programs for elementary through high school age children.

ZYEP programs have transformed life for children in Zuni - they've created community gardens, trails and playgrounds across the reservation, and engaged hundreds of children in basketball, baseball, and soccer. Spend a few minutes on their new website and you'll see how much fun they have!

Client since: 

Their Feedback

Working with Upleaf was a huge help to ZYEP. Our new website and donor management system allow us to focus our efforts on what we love - providing fun and healthy activities for Zuni youth. The Upleaf team was highly responsive and committed to meeting our needs. We couldn't recommend them more highly!
Val Wangler, MD

Our Work for this Client

Web Design

ZYEP asked Upleaf to create a website that would increase awareness of their programs and impact among potential funders, local collaborators, local families, and community members. ZYEP was also launching an initiative to expand their programming, including raising funds for a turf field, establishing a competitive soccer club, and strengthening their gardens and learning space.

The new website features include:

  • Community calendar with information about upcoming games and other events
  • Online donations that directly populate the CiviCRM donor management system
  • Webforms to help recruit volunteers and counselors
  • Prominent space to recognize donors and sponsors
  • Photo galleries
  • Integrated email marketing through CiviCRM

Our design was inspired by ZYEP’s bright photos of children and programs, and their logo which includes powerful symbols representing elements of Zuni culture. The new site and online infrastructure positions ZYEP to grow its donor base, expand current programs, and further engage the Zuni community in their important work.

Constituent Relationship Management Systems

Upleaf integrated CiviCRM with the Drupal website to handle all donations. As soon as a donor completes a donation online, a new record is created for them within the backend donor management system and the associated donation is logged. They receive a thank-you message, and ZYEP can continue to communicate with them to build and strengthen the relationship. CiviCRM is also configured to handle donations by phone and track donations that come in via check.

Upleaf also configured CiviMail within CiviCRM to manage ZYEP's email communications with donors and families. This integrated CRM/email/website solution helps track response rates and makes it really easy to manage all communications in one place.