Big Growth on a Tiny Budget

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Tiny budgets don’t have to mean tiny results. Here are some of our favorite ways to maximize your marketing potential without emptying your pockets.

Put a Face to Your Name

Yes. We unapologetically love the internet. However, many of us have become too darn comfortable hiding behind that screen. Spend more time outside of your office networking with potential clients and partners. As LinkedIn connections replace handshakes, real face-to-face connections become more valuable. Reach out at a community level. Present and connect at local events and truly highlight the people that make your company tick, not just the products.

Create a Great Communications Plan

Time truly is money, especially when you’re small. Planning out a structured communications strategy can make a massive difference between a well-managed success and an expensive waste of time. Rather than improvising and crossing your fingers for the best, ensure your team is on the same page and understands your current messaging and missions. At the end of each quarter or campaign, measure whether you’re meeting objectives and then adjust future plans based on your wins and shortfalls.  

Don’t know where to start? Download our free Communications Plan Template and begin organizing everything from upcoming email campaigns to monitoring your social media channels.

Use your Metrics to Target Your Best Audience

With a small budget, your business has little time to waste on anything but your target audience. Minimize your research time with the plethora of incredible FREE tools that can analyze your demographics and most successful channels.

If Google Analytics isn’t bookmarked in your browser, what are you waiting for? This tool is the best way to collect a seemingly infinite amount of data about your website’s users including age ranges, mobile-use percentages, and most visited social media channels. 

Other great tools are through your social media channels, including Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. We also love SEMrush which pulls your users mostly searched keywords and online advertising habits, or SocialRank which provides a free report on your follower’s social media distribution, locations, online trends and more, allowing you to narrow down your ideal audience with more ease and less cost.

Toot Your Own Horn

Don’t be shy. Show off what you’re great at! For better and worse, the web has provided a buffet of choices when choosing our services. What sets you apart? Do you focus on a unique niche? Snag that award for an incredible project? Volunteer with a local charity? These are the things that will help you stand out from the pack. Stay humble and avoid spamming your own page with your own pats-on-the-back but especially when you’re small, there’s nothing wrong with being publically proud of your wins.

Quality over Quantity

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Sharing content is easier than ever, but don’t be tempted to crank out more blogs, tweets, shares, and emails as your small team can handle. Users are already bombarded daily by media at every angle. Winning over clients often means hooking them through a few great articles, reports or testimonials. Flooding feeds or inboxes with your content is a surefire way to be marked as junk. Use your metrics to pin down your most successful methods of content distribution and focus on creating amazing work for those channels. True loyalty isn’t made through volume, but by value.