With 328 million active monthly users, Twitter ranks as one of most popular social media platforms in the world, trailing only Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. While some people may still be perplexed at the allure of Twitter, no one can ignore its power.

Twitter's Forte

Twitter is really now the mega-forum of the world with a hashtag for almost every interest and concern. And it's the best source to learn the latest about any trending topic. While a Google Search will often turn up content that is at least days and often months old, a Twitter search will reveal who has said what about your topic in the past few seconds or minutes. 

So while there's a lot of nonsense on Twitter, you can sort through it to find relevant content and build valuable connections. This means that along with the ability to know Katy Perry's current thoughts coconut water as she's drinking it, Twitter holds amazing potential to mass mobilize and share resources in real time.

Who's On Twitter 

36% of millennials (age 15-34) use Twitter. 86% of users get their news from their Twitter feed. Men and women are about equally engaged on Twitter. Compared to Facebook, Twitter users skew towards higher incomes and education levels. 71% of users log onto their feed multiple times a day.

Is Twitter Right for My Nonprofit?

Twitter far outshines Facebook when it comes to building relationships with other nonprofits, getting noticed by potential donors, and staying informed on news and trends in your field.

If you are agonizing over whether or not your organization should take the plunge on Twitter, read Is Twitter A Good Fit for My Nonprofit? If you’re already onboard but need some guidance, jump to Getting Started on Twitter and Twitter Best Practices.