Web Design

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As a nonprofit, your online presence is more critical than ever. As unfair as it may seem, a sloppy, dull or confusing website reflects poorly on your organization. 

Gone are the days of paper directories and mere word-of-mouth. Most people search the web first to find the information or service they need.

  • Potential donors go first to your website before deciding to make a donation or give you a grant. 
  • Partners and prospective employees explore site to learn more about your team and what you stand for
  • Beneficiaries look to your website to understand your services and what you can do for them
  • People who come across your organization on social media presence look to your website to learn more about you

This means if you’re lagging behind in your online presence, you’re likely to lose out to the many organizations that are sprinting around the curve.

In today's world of multiple devices and browsers that can be used to peruse the web, just "getting a website up" is not that simple. Some viewing your website from an Android phone may have a completely difference than someone on a Mac viewing it through Safari. And their experience will affect their impression of your organization.

When done right, web design for nonprofits is a comprehensive process aimed at supporting your organization's mission and providing an excellent user experience for all your constituent groups.