Once you have successfully created an engaged online community, it’s time to launch your campaigns. 

Fundraising or membership campaigns are most effective when you already have a strong base of support online. (You’ll know your community is engaged if you consistently see high rates of interaction through social media, substantial email open rates and lots of sharing or advocacy action).

This is when you see the return on your investment for all of those hours spent cultivating relationships on social media and buttressing your online infrastructure.

Campaign Services

We help our clients develop powerful, attention-grabbing online campaigns, mobilizing all of the components of their online infrastructure.

Effective campaigns are short (1-2 weeks), visually stimulating, have a clearly defined goal (raise $30K by October 31st to provide clean water to 10,000 people in Haiti); tell a compelling or heart-wrenching story and are easily actionable.

Our role often includes:

  • Crafting the campaign messaging
  • Creating campaign images, videos and/or infographics
  • Ensuring that people can easily take action from any online platform
  • Coordinating campaign launch across all online platforms
  • Backend work to track progress and document campaign results

We can help with fundraising campaigns, advocacy campaigns, membership drives, or campaigns to promote specific events or strategic goals.