Email Marketing

Email marketing should figure into every nonprofit’s community outreach and fundraising arsenal. While social media shines as a method of engaging constituents, mass emailing still makes a big difference when it comes to fundraising, bolstering membership or advocacy campaigns.

Mass emailing systems like Vertical Response, MailChimp and Constant Contact allow you to send well-branded, visually appealing email messages to large groups or subgroups of people. These programs comply with anti-spam laws and cull great insights into who is opening and clicking on what type of content--insights that can be used to hone your messaging strategy.

Mass Emailing Services

1. Setup and Branding

We help our clients choose the most cost-effective mass emailing platform for their particular needs. We recommend using a platform that integrates seamlessly with your CRM system. This enables greater fluidity in building emailing lists and consolidating stats on “open” and “click-through” rates. For example, Vertical Response fits tongue-and-groove with Salesforce CRM, CiviMail with CiviCRM.

We’ll set up your mass emailing system, create an easy-to-use, branded email template, and train your team to craft messages effectively.

2. Best Practices Training

There are many well-documented do’s and don’ts for mass emailing.  These include the optimal length of your email, how often you ask for donations, how you write your copy, use clickable images and craft calls to action. We cover all of these best practices in our training sessions. We’ll also assist with copyediting and launch of the first few emails to make sure your team gets the hang of it.

3. Mass Emailing Strategy

Usually your mass emailing strategy should be considered a vital piece of your overall online communication strategy. We’ll introduce some messaging tactics and how this figures into campaign planning.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

You will learn a tremendous amount from your mass email analytics. We can help monitor and interpret trends in “unsubscribe,” “open” and “click-through” rates, and provide recommendations for your subject lines, copy and frequency of messaging based on what we see over time. We meet quarterly or every year with clients, as needed, to explore results and offer recommendations.