Online Advertising

Online advertising is a great way to draw new visitors to your website, ramp up your PR strategies, and grow your social media communities. The best thing about it? It’s gloriously affordable for nonprofits.

Google offers free, pay-per-click advertising to 501(c)(3) organizations. They also give you a leg-up by allowing you to funnel viewers from a YouTube video directly to your website or donate page (a special perk for nonprofits not granted to other users).  

Google is not the lone helping hand. Other platforms also offer affordable advertising. So even on a shoestring budget you can give your organization a hefty boost.

Online Advertising Services

1. Google Adwords

We help our clients apply to the Google for Nonprofits program and then set up your Adwords account, craft your campaigns, and train your staff to monitor them. Once you’ve paid for the initial setup, your campaigns run indefinitely.  (On average, an organization will recover their investment in 3 months (sooner if you run ads in Spanish).

All together, Upleaf clients have received more than $300,000 worth of pay-per-click advertising donations from Google to date.

2. Social Media Advertising 

For just $5 - $10, Facebook’s promoted post option increases the visibility of strategic Facebook posts 5 to 10 fold. Facebook ads can also help grow your fan community, or drive people to your website. Likewise, most other social media platforms allow organizations to boost their visibility through strategic advertising. And just a few hundred dollars can go a long way to building your community.

3. Organic SEO

We routinely conduct keyword research to better craft our clients' content, optimize it for the appropriate keywords, and provide coaching and editing support to help nonprofit teams implement a content strategy that increases their organic SEO results - i.e. helping their organization rank higher in search engine results. Learn more about SEO.