Social Media

Social media platforms are designed for interactivity and connection and add dynamism, style and momentum to your online presence.

Social media is wonderful for engaging volunteers, supporters, donors, and partners. It can even pull in new beneficiaries. In this day and age, social media is not just a frivolous add-on, but rather a vital component of community engagement and fundraising. 

With over one in four Internet page views in the U.S. occurring through Facebook, and over a quarter of all time spent online on social media, it simply makes sense to strategically go where the action is, rather than waiting for the masses to come to you.

Social Media Services

Upleaf will help you build your social media strategy from the ground up or simply help you do what you’re already doing better. Our services include:

1. Social media setup and branding

We’ll get the ball rolling by setting you up on the appropriate platforms or rebranding what you already have in existence, to best convey your mission and match the look and feel of your website.  We cannot overemphasize the impact of a spectacular first impression in growing your community.

2. Social / Web Integration

Social media and websites fit together hand-in-glove in ways most people never imagine. Upleaf is adept at integrating the desired social media platforms with your website, based on your strategy. This can include automatically streaming content from the “news” or “testimonies” sections of your website to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or streaming new job listings to LinkedIn.

We can also embed a stream of your most recent tweets back onto your website, or set your YouTube playlists to automatically display on your site. These and other social media integrations make for fantastic cross-pollination between platforms, increasing the visibility and shareability of your content.

3. Training in social media best practices 

Once we’ve set up and integrated your social media infrastructure, we’ll train the designated members of your team to use social media best practices that engage your audience. Our trainings are customized to address your unique audience and social media priorities.

4. Social media strategy plans

Many organizations are initially a bit stumped over how often they should be tweeting and updating their status, not to mention what exactly they should be posting in the first place. What should you share to really engage your audience and vault your organization to the next level? Upleaf will work with your team to craft a social media strategy that meets your particular needs. Our plans typically cover 12-18 month periods and include frequency of messaging, suggestions for messaging and campaign sequencing.

5. Messaging

While we prefer to train and empower your team to take the helm on your own social media, we do have the capacity to manage your messaging for short periods of time. Often we help with the initial messaging as clients are getting off the ground, or step in during staff transitions and key campaigns (read on)...

​6. Campaigns 

Much of the time you spend on social media will be devoted to the fun work of sharing with, engaging, and gradually building your community. But it is through campaigns (fundraising, advocacy, membership) that you will see the return on your investment in social media. We help clients develop social media campaigns – including messaging, images, infographics, video and message sequencing – to mobilize their communities to action.

7. Social media monitoring

Upleaf helps nonprofits monitor social media progress by establishing goals and benchmarks that can be tracked through each platform. We’ll introduce you to cost-effective monitoring tools and schedule periodic strategy sessions where we sit together to analyze results and pinpoint opportunities.