Web Design

Upleaf designs websites that reflect our clients' online strategy objectives and captures their desired user experience.  

We'll spend a lot of time with your team carving out these strategies and preferences, then move on to fashion a site map with the right information architecture. The site is crafted around your values, logo, and existing online assets such as video, photos, testimonies or action alerts. 

Next comes the custom detailing-we integrate your social media platforms and enhance the site with any additional features needed to perform smoothly and present the desired look and feel.

You'll walk away with much more than a bright and shiny new website. Upleaf will also outfit you with the following:

Mobile-Ready Responsive Design  

More and more people are now browsing the web from mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc), and that is drastically changing how people interact with content on the web. There is no longer a scrolling barrier, for instance, and shorter, more visual content tends to be most effective. 

All Upleaf websites built in 2012 and beyond use responsive design. This means that the website layout and design adapts to the size of the visitor’s screen--the very same website will behave differently when viewed from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Our goal is to ensure that all of our websites offer an excellent user experience from any device, so we test, test, and test some more before your site goes live.

Content Management System

All of our websites are built on a content management system (CMS) so your team can update all content, photos and videos as desired. Unlike olden days, the backend is so user-friendly, you won’t need a technical person to do the updates.

Depending on your website objectives and desired functionality, we will select either Drupal or WordPress, both of which are straightforward open-source platforms. After we’ve designed your site, the next step is to familiarize you with all of its features and train you to take the reins. The platforms are so intuitive and the training so thorough, that this usually happens after just one session.

The main benefits of using one of these two CMS platforms are:

  • Usability.  The back-end of the platform is customized by Upleaf to be extremely user-friendly. Any staff member familiar with Microsoft Word can quickly learn to edit content, publish news or events, change videos or add photos.  
  • Interactivity. A good website abounds with fresh, dynamic content (news, events, tips, blog posts). New content increases interactivity, gives people a reason to return, improves your search engine ranking, making it easier for new visitors to find you. CMS platforms are designed around this concept of freshness.
  • Versatility.  Because the CMS platforms are continually improved by a large community of developers, they are easily adaptable to an organization’s changing needs. If an organization ever decides to change providers, they can make a smooth transition from Upleaf to another agency. Not so with proprietary web platforms.
  • Cost-Savings. The use of a CMS platform for your website eliminates the need for an in-house “webmaster” or hourly payments to an IT person to update site content.

A Word from Our Clients

[Upleaf Directors] are magical beings. They turned our 90s, HTML web site into a 21st century social media powerhouse. Not only is our new web site eye candy, it's perfectly accessible on cell phones and tablets and connected to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. The online infrastructure they have provided will help us build capacity because we can show the community the many valuable services we provide. Best of all, Upleaf explained to us the importance of communication strategy and crafted a plan that we could easily follow to rally our membership for social change."

- Alberto Mares, President of the Board of Directors, NMAEYC

For more client testimonies, please view our Client profiles.

Cross-Browser Compatibility 

Have you ever visited a website that looks fantastic on one computer and a trainwreck on another? There are a lot of web design agencies that don’t ensure full cross-browser compatibility.

Their website may work perfectly on one browser like Firefox, but falls apart on Internet Explorer. Many people don’t even realize that if they’re surfing the web on an old browser, what they’re seeing may be compromised.

We guarantee all of our websites on the following browsers:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10

Together these browsers account for the vast majority of all U.S. Internet users. We do not support the outdated IE6.

Intuitive Information Architecture  

Our goal is to create an excellent user experience for all site visitors. While the site design is a critical piece, ease of navigation and prominence of key information is equally vital. 

A good website is designed to navigate simply and elegantly. Visitors to your site should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly without feeling like they’re trapped in a maze of information.

Simply put, your website should flow.

After a strategy planning session, we carefully map out the site information and draw up an organizational blueprint based on your priorities. We identify:

  • Main website navigation pages or sections
  • Sub-pages or sections
  • Calls to action
  • Types of dynamic content (news, blog, testimonies, advocacy alerts, etc)
  • Frequency of new photos and video

Once we’ve drafted the site map, we build a wireframe to identify how different sections will be laid out on the various pages. Finally we proceed to the design phase, testing a few mockups with your team and target audiences to make sure the proposed designs meet the site’s objectives and are easy to navigate. When everyone is happy, we begin to build the site.

Strategic Content Development  

As a growing organization, we understand your human and financial resources are perpetually stretched thin. One of the greatest challenges of building a stellar website is thus simply finding the extra time and energy. Enter Upleaf! Our team brings expertise in social marketing, copy editing, strategic communication, and fundraising. We know how to craft the messages your target audience wants to hear.

We’ll help you strike the right tone and ensure that key messages are clearly conveyed. We’ll also review and edit all website content with an eye for best practices in writing for the web. This means clearly highlighting key ideas, thinning out text, and cutting jargon that might leave someone outside of your organization scratching their head.

We also routinely develop content in Spanish, so if some of your constituents are Spanish-speakers we can adapt your copy for them too.

Interactive Features

Stagnant, brochure-like websites are a thing of the past. We don’t build online pamphlets for our clients - we build fun and engaging websites with a variety of interactive features. Your website will be a dynamic, alluring space that people will want to revisit.

Directories from Center for Nonprofit Excellence Website

On top of the site basics, Upleaf can build in a host of wonderful features to meet your needs and suit your fancy. Like searchable directories, event calendars, built-in event registration, advocation action, volunteer & job boards, online stores, integrated video, and so much more.